Monday, January 9, 2017

Photography Project 52 strangers in 52 weeks - Week 1 - Mai

I honestly thought my heart can't handle this challenge. The idea of approaching a stranger to have hers/his photo taken, had petrified me to the bone and I thought I was going to faint.

As usual on Sunday, I went to Y, for my weekly Zumba class with Coco (who by the way is the best Zumba instructor I know). I took my camera with me and I arrived to the Y 20 minutes prior to the class to take a picture of a stranger. I took my camera out hoping somebody would stop and start asking questions about it but nobody did. I saw people passing by but I couldn't force myself to approach any of them. What would I say, who am I to disturb their day and will they look for a hidden agenda (I think I would...).
Eventually, I walked to my class with the camera in my hand and the instructor, who is no stranger to me asked me about it. I told her, I have this challenge but I am just too shy to ask anyone to pose.
I have put my camera back to the backpack and forgot about it, focused on dancing.

Then, 10-15 minutes after the classes have started, walks in this petite girl. I saw her before, she always comes late, changes her high heels (like really really high heels) into sneakers and dances like nobody's watching. She doesn't seems to care much about the routines and particular steps, she simply wants to have fun. And she does! She's so expressive, full of energy, very flexible and full of smiles.
I must say, in the past I couldn't concentrate when she was around but not today. When she walked in, I knew I had to take pictures of her. Nobody else! She is the most colorful person in the room and I genuinely wanted to get to know her.

After class, I hang out a bit and when almost everyone left, I have approached her, introduced myself, told her I have this project and would she agree to be in my pictures? She immediately lightened up and said - of course. And in her second sentence she told me she was 60 years old. (I think it is baloney, there is absolutely no way she is 60!, 40 maybe...). She told me she's the youngest of 4 children and that she has 17 nephews and nieces. Then she told me she is a clothes designer and on top of that she works in a hospital.
She started to pose suggesting the locations, poses, grabbing weights, jumping on a bike, grabbing some other weights, always smiling, a volcano of energy!
And then she told me she started body building 2 months ago and she showed me her body building pictures on Facebook.

She liked my Facebook page, took my business cards and gave me her email so we can stay in touch :-)
Thank you for being such a fantastic model!

I have decided for black and white photos since her colorful personality adds color to each of these photos!

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Sunset in San Jose, California

My wonderful daughter helps me a lot with my photography and location scouting. This is in South San Jose in Almaden Quicksilver County Park. Amazing light by the sunset.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Family photo session in Mountain View, CA

I had a pleasure to photograph this beautiful family before the Summer. I took these photos with the full sun and help of my new friend - Westcot Rapidbox. Being able to use not only reflector but also a beautiful light diffused by this little soft box helped me create these wonderful images. And of course - the models! Such amazing siblings! I am looking forward our next sessions. It is great to see the kids grow and change (we had a session 2 years ago too).

Friday, May 27, 2016

7 days new Natalie / San Jose Newborn Photographer

I feel blessed having the best job in the world. I am given a chance to photograph those first moments full of sleepless nights and never-ending tiredness but also full of joy, devotion and pure love. It is so emotional that I usually get emotional too. I understand parents very well, I have been there 3 times myself. It is such an important time in any family and I am happy to be a part of it.